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After completing your schooling, lots of students wish to join IIT so that they can have an excellent college to study engineering. And IIT is a very reputed college in India and a perfect option to choose. 

However, getting admission to an IIT college is very difficult these days due to the increase in competition and limited seats in IIT colleges, there are multiple students who are unable to get admission. 

So, how can you be sure to crack IIT exams in your first attempt?

This is the question in everyone’s mind who is looking for the best coaching institute. Do not worry, as we at Vertex Education offer the best coaching to IIT aspirants. 

What makes Vertex Education a perfect institute?

For any IIT aspirant below mentioned factors are essential to finding the best institute for IIT in Patna.

  • Personal attention

The very important factor which makes an institute best is giving personal attention to their students. If mentoring and personal attention is missing from any institute, you should not join it as it is not going to help you in cracking your IIT exam. 

While looking for the best online coaching for IIT JEE, you should always check their class size and ask for a demo class because with this; you can conclude if you have to join the institute. At Vertex Education, we have small class sizes, and our primary step towards preparing for the IIT exam is to give proper mentoring to every student.

  • Faculty

It is recommended to check the faculty members of the institute you are going to choose for the preparation for your IIT exams. Try to get the list of faculty members and talk to them. By this, you can understand if they are experienced teachers or not. 

It would be best if you enquire about their experience, education style, do they take doubt sessions, extra classes and much more. It will be good if you join the best institute for IIT in Patna with well-recognized and popular teachers. 

At Vertex Education, we have highly experienced staff who take regular classes to make their students understand the concept. All faculty members are skilled enough to make their students crack IIT in one go.

  • Study material

Nowadays, almost every coaching institute provides study material, and students blindly select these institutes. However, this is not the correct thing to do. Providing study material is not a big deal. 

You should enquire if they are offering updated study material with recent changes or they are giving you old stuff which is of no or less of use. Along with study material, students should also check for the availability of mock test series and other books required for the preparation for the IIT exam. 

We offer timely updated mock test series, study material, and essential notes prepared by the faculty itself to our students. You are always welcome to check the study material before taking admission.

  • Location

Location for best online coaching for IIT JEE always matters as it will be good if you reach the institute in less time. Spending more time in traveling is not a good idea if you are genuinely preparing for an IIT exam. And if the institute is too good to be skipped, check if they offer an opportunity to provide online classes for the preparation for IIT exams. 

Vertex Education offers the opportunity to join online IIT JEE classes for the students who cannot commute daily to the institute. These students can either download study material online from the institute’s website or come to the institute to collect hard copy of the study material and enjoy the rest of the study online.

Where should you focus while preparing for IIT JEE?

It is necessary to be aware of all the details of the IIT exam before starting to prepare for it. It is very important to stay focused on the preparation for the exam and not to lose the sight because of any distraction. 

So, to help, we at the best institute for IIT in Patna talk about the exam and future scope in our initial class sessions only. 

We also tell what kind of jobs students can get after completing their studies at IIT, their scholarship programs while pursuing the course, and much more. You will also be told about the counselling process and how to apply for the IIT exam so that you are not worried about all these things after starting the course.

Wrap Up     

Vertex Education is a highly reputed institute that focuses is offering the best education to its students in all sorts of offline and online modes. 

You can come for a demo class, and our faculty will help you with that. They will also walk you through the entire study pattern which we follow at the institute and how you can gain benefit from it. Also, before joining, you can also have a look at your study material and talk to teachers if you have any queries related to anything.


After completing your schooling, lots of students wish to join IIT so that they can have an excellent college to study engineering. And IIT is a very reputed college in India and a perfect option to choose.

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