Vertex Education- Process Of Admission And Course Structure

How to Apply and get admission in Vertex Educations

VE offers a variety of courses, and is the best IIT Coaching institute in Patna and Bihar region.

The following are the chief objectives of these programs.

  • To get students started on the scientific thinking process.
  • Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as logical and analytical thinking, are all taught using a systematic conceptual approach.
  • It gives a solid foundation for the preparation of JEE and NEET exams, for students of 9th and 10th Standard. 
  • The P/C/M/B lectures and Class Practice Problems (CPPs) are meticulously prepared to pique students’ interest in these areas.
  • The Mathematical & Analytical Thinking (MAT) lectures help students improve their analytical, logical, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Three times a week, for a total of three 1.5-hour lessons.
  • Customized study materials and class practise problems are excellent (CPP).
  • “Send test results to parents through SMS” and a mobile app are also available.
  • Students’ academic

The following are the various courses
1. ACME(AC) & APOGEE(AG) Program

  • Admission into prestigious colleges of India is based on Entrance Exams, like IIT-JJE Exam. 
  • It has been observed that if a kid begins studying Science and Math in a conceptual approach in any of the school years beginning with Standard IX, X, the entire learning process becomes pleasurable and stress-free. 
  • The ACME Programs (for class 9th) and APOGEE Programs (for class 10th) are VE’s IIT Foundation Programs in this context (for class 10th).

2.APEX (AX) Program

  • Apex is a two-year programme for students who have completed the 10th grade and are preparing for the JEE MAIN, ADVANCED, and other linked exams. 
  • The four foundations of this APEX programme are excellent for teaching and clarification of doubts, 3-D testing, customised study materials, and effective academic counselling. 
  • The APEX programme is one of the few classroom programmes in the country that is created in such a way that a dedicated student will develop self-confidence and gain a firm grasp and understanding of all engineering entrance exams. 
  • Complete and systematic coaching is a hallmark of the APEX programme.

3.CREST (CT) Program

  • Eligibility for this program is that the student should be 11th pass. 
  • The CREST Curriculum is a 15-month intensive programme designed to prepare students for XII (Board) + JEE MAINS + ADVANCED exams.
  • The CREST Curriculum is a comprehensive programme that includes classroom instruction and question-and-answer sessions, a testing system, study materials, and counselling. Admission to the Crest Batch will be based on performance in the admission test, and to be eligible for the test, the student must have scored at least 85% in Math or Science in Std. X (SSC / CBSE / ICSE).

4.ZENITH (ZT) Program

  • The ZENITH Program is a one-year rigorous programme designed to help IIT Repeaters and Droppers succeed in JEE MAIN, ADVANCED, and other Engineering Entrance Exams. 
  • By IIT Repeaters / Droppers, its meant for students who have taken the JEE before but did not get a good enough rank or students who have completed Std. XII but want to take the JEE.


  • It is an all-inclusive residential programme for kids in grades 11 and 12. 
  • Students preparing for JEE MAIN / ADVANCED and official Board Exam Preparation are synchronised under one roof in this Campus preparation for competitive exams for Engineering. 
  • To be considered for the VERTEX EDUCATIONS YG Campus, one must score in the top 20 on the Vertex Education Scholastic Aptitude Test (VE-SAT). 
  • YG Campus is home to Vertex Educations’ best and most dedicated students, who not only prepare for JEE but also excel in other exams such as KVPY and Olympiads. 

Contacting the Team at VE:


You can directly apply online by filling the form. The link for the same is the following:

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